UV-C Air Sanitising Bar

Design to create a safe space.

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uvdaddy hygiene solution


Delivering safe sanitising solutions for your environment.

The World's First Lighting That Disinfects

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FAR UV-C 222

Harmless to humans, Damaging to bacteria and viruses

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Innovative Technology

We are committed in searching for the latest sanitising solution while providing a range of innovative technology to fit your needs.

Clinically Proven

Thorough clinical trials have proven 99.9% efficacy of our sanitising solution in killing germs.

Cost Efficient Custom Solutions

Customisable sanitising systems made to fit your business needs, without breaking your budget.

Superior Safety

Your health is our number one priority.

Improve your business with us

Tursted by over 100 Businesses and Residential homes in Malaysia!

  • Our aim

    To create a Healthy and Safe environment.

    Eliminate all Bacteria and Viruses from our shared spaces in order to ensure the safety of our community.

  • Listen, analyse and provide

    We provide free consultation, to understand the needs and challenges you may be facing.

    We analyse all factors, to provide the most suitable and cost efficient hygiene solution.

    Our solution can be the differential factor whether you stay sick or healthy. Therefore, UVDaddy is 100% committed in providing the highest quality of service.

  • Personalised for every environment

    Free consultation to create the most suitable, all rounded and cost efficient hygiene solution for you.

  • Spend less, Earn more

    Preparing to Reopen your business?

    With our hygiene solution, it will save Time and Money for you. Gain the Competitive edge against your competitors by providing a safer environment to your customers.

  • Improve your Brand Image

    Varieties of marketing tools to create more attention for your business.

    All personalised, free of charge.

  • Interested? Schedule a meeting now.

    Consult with us to get the most suitable hygiene solution catered for your business. Trusted by over 100 Businesses and Residential homes in Malaysia.

    Email: info@uvdaddy.com

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Our hygiene solutions

Our solution to hygiene is extremely cost-efficient, yet effective. Every product is clinically tested product, proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses (Covid-19).

Our products is also easy to use, maintain and environmental friendly.

SunClean UV-C and Lighting

The World's 1st LED Light, that disinfects.

Ensure a bacteria and virus free Environment for Your Loved ones, just by changing your Lights.

NAVISOL- Anti Microbial Coating Tissue

Prevent the risk of cross-infection with just ONE WIPE. Rub on the surface, and gain Anti-bacteria, virus (Covid-19) and mold effect, Last for 3-months.

Our Promise

Satisfaction Guaranteed & 7-Days Money Back Guarantee.

Here at UVDaddy, Our customer's satisfaction is our number one priority. Our Next priority are the products. Our products can be the reason u stay sick or healthy. We 100% standby our products and UVDADDY will guarantee your safety.

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