How does UVC light sanitize?

How does UV light sanitize ?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is situated between X-rays and visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum. Within the UV light spectrum there are 3 wavelengths but only 1 of which is germicidal up to 99.9% of all pathogens (even antibiotic resistant superbugs). UV-C directly penetrates the bacteria and attacks the DNA. Strong covalent bonds forms within the DNA structure preventing the DNA to “unzip” so the bacteria cannot replicate and dies if it tries to.


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What are the beneficial uses of germicidal ultraviolet?

UV-C technology is the forefront for future sanitation by a non-chemical approach which is not only better for yourself but also the environment. Nothing except from UV-C powered LED lights are required which is cheap, low maintenance and highly durable. Our products acquire a perfect balance of ultraviolet intensity and time to ensure up to 99.9% of organisms are killed.


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