Lighting that disinfect

Do you think you were the first to enter the lift, toilet or any other public space, after it was fully sanitized? Even with promises like ‘This area is frequently sanitized' Chances are you are definitely not the first and not even close.

So what if there was a way to guarantee that you get to constantly enjoy a germ free environment every single time? As the main distributor of Sun Clean Malaysia we UVDaddy introduce to you our modern solution.SunClean downlight that disinfect

This is an automatic, fast, effective and ozone free technology using the highest grade of UV-C on the market. UV-C should never be in contact with people being the strongest sanitization tool. Thats why a military based radar detection technology is also incorporated which switches off the UV-C light and turns on regular lighting when anyone is around.


We may not be the best fit for you, as we aren’t the biggest, fastest or cheapest company, but we can proudly say we truly focus on the health of all our customers. Although this solution was certified to kill 99.9% of germs, We at UVDaddy will protect 100% of you.



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