NAVISOL- Anti Microbial Coating Tissue

We now live in an era where viruses are a major threat. One of the biggest weapons solutions to this threat comes from preventing cross infection!

"The Virus Barrier", NAVISOL prevent the risk of cross infection of Bacteria, Mold and Virus (Covid-19) with JUST ONE WIPE that last for 3-months. Harmless to body, FDA Approved. Has a long-lasting antimicrobial effect, harmless to body and easy application to all surfaces


Apply onto things that we frequently touch

Door handle, Car handle, Steering Wheel

Buttons and Switches

Lift button, Electric switch, Keyboard, Mouse

Surface Top

Dining table, Office table, Personal table, Chairs

Equipment and Toy

Office Equipment, Gym Equipment, Toy, Folder


Tested for antiviral effectivity against COVID-19 and others bacteria, viruses and mold.

Eco-friendly materials that ensure safe use. KC Children's Product & SGS Substance Test Passed. FDA Approved.

No Skin irritation: No high concentrated and residual chemical material, Eco-friendly material only.

We Promise

Whatever you do, wherever you are, NAVISOL is for each and every one of you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Free Shipping within West Malaysia.

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